About Click2Pay

Click2Pay is an online payment provided by Click2Pay GmbH, so that users can make transfers or pay for goods and services providers with Click2Pay allowed to work without giving your bank information or credit card to perform the operation .

How it works?

Click2Pay is a payment solution for all merchants and consumers, you can make transfers and payments for products, services and digital content via internet, so quickly, easily and safely. We offer a variety of options for domestic and international payments.
We offers an easy and safe to all traders and consumers.

Our security

If there is something you can trust, is in our safety standards. To ensure the maximum levels of security, using the most current industry, encryption, continuous control and the latest procedures for fraud detection and prevention.
Your personal data is transmitted encrypted through a secure SSL connection, and for any reason are shared with third parties, your data will be protected by a key of 128 bits, the highest level of security today.

Click2Pay is synonymous with the highest safety standards and greater data protection.

User Benefits

Do not fuss over, open your account and begin using our services, including customer service team, available 24 hours a day.
You always have access to your account through Internet, no matter where you are. You can check your account payments and withdrawals as well as manage your expenses and personal information.
You can also choose the type of clearance, once done, you will have access free to the world of electronic commerce.

Just 2 clicks to make a payment safely. You can track your expenses in real time, Click2Pay tranparent and guarantees the opportunity to control their spending.

Merchant benefits

  • Expand its portfolio to include a payment method and modern global.
  • Improve your business performance and add new and potential customers.
  • Expand market reach.
  • Increase your knowledge and experience in sales support.
  • Ensure their access to international community.
  • Click2Pay Partner Portal helps you with marketing materials, sample contracts, regulations and other useful information for you.

Customer Service

If you have any questions, our team is available 24 hours to ensure rapid and effective response, you can contact us via phone, email or through a contact form on our website.

Thanks for your interest in Click2Pay

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