ECO Card

ECO Card

About ECO Card

ECO Card is owned by PSI-Pay Ltd, which is a UK company, whose registered office is in London.
PSI-Pay Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and has approval to develop its activities throughout the European Economic Area.

Our services

In ECO Card Registration is free, you do not need to have a bank account or verify your credit to begin to take our services.

Make secure online payments
Already more than 3000 pages that accept ECOCard, open an account and start making and receiving payments.

Send and receive money around the world
With your account ECOCard, from your home, you can send and receive money in different currencies around the world.

ECO Card MasterCard card prepaid virtual
you can pay millions of merchants online with our prepaid card.

ECO Card MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card
You can make payments and withdraw cash at all ATMs in the world.

Our products

ECO prepaid Debit MasterCard
Can withdraw money at any ATM worldwide and make purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard.

  1. Order and designate an account ECO Card
  2. Receive your
  3. Activate your card
  4. Make payments and withdraw cash at any ATM

ECO Virtual Prepaid MasterCard
Transfers on all Web sites that accept MasterCard

  1. Make a request
  2. Get your virtual card number
  3. Get additional data from your virtual card
  4. Fund your account
  5. Make purchases online enterprises


Spending money securely online

  • It’s free to pay merchants ECO Card
  • Spending money to millions of online merchants that accept MasterCard
  • Your personal information is not shared with third parties
  • Our security system is very safe, and the data is encrypted with SSL
  • No risk of accumulating debt or overspending

Make transfers from your home

  • Receiving payment for free
  • Real-time transfer
  • You may have accounts with multiple currencies
  • Take money from any ATM
  • 7 languages ​​supported


We have a professional team of customer service, which is willing to help with any problem you have.
You can contact our team via phone, fax, web form and live chat.

Thanks for your interest in ECO Card

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