About EntroPay

Since 2003 EntroPay is the easy and secure online transfers, EntroPay was developed by Ixaris  with one main objective: to provide a payment method that eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving online payments. EntroPay virtual card is better known in Europe, and increasingly more people choose it.

EntroPay payments are accepted at millions of businesses around the world, of different sizes and markets. As a mark of Ixaris, EntroPay has the highest standards of security and fraud detection. Ixaris Systems Ltd is certified and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to issue money online.

Because EntroPay is the best option?

  • It’s easy and fast: With a record fast and easy payment processing
  • No credit check: There are no restrictions to use our payment service, regardless of your credit history
  • EntroPay is widely accepted: We offer a virtual Visa and Prepaid MasterCard is accepted around the world
  • It’s Global: We have support for 7 different languages ​​and multiple currencies
  • It’s Safe: You can only spend what you load onto the card. All information is safe and is not shared with third parties.

In addition, our prepaid system helps anyone to control your spending, you should not provide personal information or data of your credit card, which increases the security of the transfer.

All information is encrypted at 128 bits, this means that your private information and financial transactions are transferred from your computer to us, and us to his team as garbled text

EntroPay Support

EntroPay recommends that you access your account and use the service to help facilitate contact with us. It is one of the best ways to protect your information when dealing with your query.

EntroPay offer several ways you can get in touch with us, no matter the option you choose, our team will ensure a quick response.

Thanks for your interest in EntroPay

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888 Bingo

About 888 Bingo

888 Bingo is powered by Dragonfish, a division of 888 Holdings. We operate under license and the Government of Gibraltar. Dragonfish is a number one provider of bingo software. All games on our site are checked to ensure fair play and honest. Our priorities are security, privacy and fair play for all our players.

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