About eWalletXpress

eWalletXpress allows users to deposit, withdraw and transfer money, so you can make purchases, service payments, transfer to another account or withdraw money at the moment.

eWalletXpress uses the highest standards of technology to offer its members the safest way to manage your money online. Our priority is to maintain the security of personal information and bank details of our users, which is why we use all possible measures.

Our cutting edge technology and our security protocols are the best in the industry. We develop our own systems to ensure the security of personal information of each of our users.

Benefits of using eWalletXpress

  • Signing up is easy and not time consuming
  • No credit card required
  • Immediate financing methods
  • Funds directly from your bank account
  • Unlimited payments
  • Detailed statements
  • 24 / 7 Live Help

eWalletXpress Deposit Methods

With XpressFunds you can transfer money from your bank account eWalletXpress your account and funds will be credited automatically. To make a deposit by XpressFunds must first register your account eWalletXpress. Once you go through the process of identification you and transfer funds.

Electronic Cheking/ACH
You can transfer money from your bank account to your checking account online through your account eWalletXpress. To do this, you must first register your checking account eWalletXpress through the presentation of information in your account eWalletXpress.

™ Interac email money transfer (Canada only)
Interaction mail money transfer, send and receive money quickly and easily in 30-60 minutes.

Online bill payments (only in Canada)
One of our most popular methods in Canada, online bill payment transfer money from your bank account to your account eWalletXpress. To make a deposit for payment of invoices, you must enter the amount to be transferred to eWalletXpress.com and visit your online bank to complete the transaction.

Bank Transfer
These transfers are the best if you want to transfer large amounts in their account eWalletXpress, or if you are in a region where it has few deposit methods.
You need to provide bank account information eWalletXpress to your bank. These wire transfers may take up to 2 business days to appear in your account.

Money Order
This method is ideal if you want to transfer large amounts of money to your account eWalletXpress.


We have a customer support through live chat, phone and email, our professional team is ready to provide the fastest and most effective solution to your problem.

Thanks for your interest in eWalletXpress

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