About NETeller

NETeller is a trademark of Optimal Payments Plc, began operations in 1999, is one of the fastest ways and one of the safest money transfer online. NETeller, as the best provider of money transfers online, comes to processing transactions worth billions of dollars each year. Our financial online service, operates with the confidence of traders and consumers, we are present in over 160 countries, covering many sectors and activities.

NETeller is a company regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK. This ensures that NETeller meets the highest standards in our services. We have security measures leaders in the sector, with protocols to combat money laundering. Our security ensures that our members are protected to the greatest extent, against scams.

We use rigorous processes to verify the identity and practices KYC (know your customer). We are committed to minimizing the risks of transfers. NETeller have an excellent customer support service and training programs worldwide.

As Merchant in NETeller

You can offer your customers our online payment services with NETeller payments network. Use our financial tools to face the difficulties that arise every day to conduct business online, in a safe and comfortable mode.

NETeller NET+ Card

NET+ cards is a financial service of NETeller for you to enjoy more comfort and safety. NET+ cards, related to your NETeller account, you are given the opportunity to have instant access to your money, online and offline.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

  • Technology chip and PIN for added security.
  • Can withdraw money at ATMs worldwide.
  • You can use your card at more than 26 million points of sale.
  • 8 Currencies to choose from.
  • Automatic charge.
  • You can control your costs.

NETeller Customer Service

Besides having an extensive list of frequently asked questions that also serve as very helpful, you can contact our customer service team via phone, email and live chat.

Thank you for your interest in NETeller

Dublin Bet

Dublin Bet Online

About Dublin Bet Online

In Dublin Bet all the action happens as if it were a real casino! We have the latest Distance Gaming technology to offer our real-time games.

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Baccarat is an interesting and classic casino game. It was developed in the 19th century and was most popular among the elite of the day and involved different players who competed against each other at the casino. The rules of baccarat have not changed so much over the years; The main difference is that the game is now available to everyone because of online casinos that were introduced to a world audience thanks to the popularity of the James Bond 007 movies and his lover of baccarat.

At HR Online Casino we have specialized in online casinos since 2006 and on our website you can play baccarat for free without having to download anything. We offer our expert knowledge through a variety of varied topics according to baccarat, and on our website you will find many dedicated articles and tips for the online game baccarat. With so many different variations to choose from on our site, you can safely make the most of playing for free here before you try on a proper online casino. Check out our strategy guides that can give you more detailed information about all the little things that involve the game and how to get a competitive edge over the opponents. To date, the game itself remains fun and challenging enough, so it's very important to get some decent experience before considering spending money you've been working hard for. There are many points to consider before playing real money on a casino. Do you want to bet with a high limit? Would you prefer a normal or progressive jackpot? Which variant of the game would you rather try first? Assessing all your possibilities is a good idea and we recommend you spend some time playing baccarat for free on our website; because contrary to what you might think after watching the popular movies at the cinema, it actually takes some work before you can master the baccarat. Fortunately for you, we have a variety of online baccarat variants that you can play and train on your strategies here at HR Online Casino. All the games we offer are free and require no download or anything else complicated before you can play. All you have to do is click and get started. These days, all you need is an internet connection and you will always have access to free versions of the most popular baccarat games on the internet through our website.Visa We have an extensive library of casino games guides and of course this also applies to baccarat. Check out our strategy guides and a selection of articles designed to enhance your game and help you discover methods that will help you gain an advantage over your opponent. We know that when you're ready to start playing you're looking for a reputable casino to play, so as part of our services, you can receive exclusive welcome or deposit bonuses through us from any of the casinos on our list of Top 10 casinos here on our website. At HR Online Casino you have a unique opportunity to test all the games for free as long as you wish. And do not hesitate to leave feedback about your baccarat experience or any of the other games via our social media channels. You'll find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, follow us to receive exclusive bonuses every month!
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