About UseMyFunds

UseMyFunds is owned UseMyServices inc. which is an innovative company that focuses on providing an alternative to the online trading market. This is done through the simplification and rationalization of the ability of users to make transfers and payments via the Internet. UseMyServices is an established company with a unique payment solution, a management team with over 50 years of industry experience in financial services and payment solutions.
UseMyFunds was founded on the basis that the financial services industry is evolving significantly, that is why there UseMyFunds since we keep up to date with the pace of change and offer the best solution for online payments.

UseMyFunds services

  • UseMyFunds: UseMyFunds is the first comprehensive solution that allows online payments online purchases directly from your bank account, in a completely safe and without providing your personal information or your bank information.
  • UseMyCard: you do not have a credit card? No problem, our solution allows you to pay UseMyCard pay for purchases or services online in any business, in a fast and safe.

How it works UseMyFunds?

UseMyFunds is easy to use and safe option, it works with online banking service, and you need not download or install anything on your computer

  1. Purchasing goods or services in an online business
  2. Select UseMyFunds when you are ready to pay
  3. Select the financial institution
  4. Login with your username and password
  5. Approve payment to complete the purchase
  6. Back to dealer
  7. Done!

When you make a payment, the same is done in real time, the seller is also notified in real time, your purchases are immediate.

UseMyFunds it safe to use?

We use the highest technology with our anti-fraud system, so UseMyFunds is one of the safest methods of online transfers. Financial data are not disclosed to the seller, your information is under your control at all times, only requiring the email for verification.

Customer Service
we have an excellent customer support service, you can contact us through a web form stating your phone number and we’ll call you to answer your questions.

Thanks for your interest in UseMyFunds

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