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Yahoo Games

About Yahoo Games

Yahoo Games is a combination of online games based on Java and downloadable software. Some of our games are multiplayer, which means you can play with people around the world, while other games are single player only has to have a yahoo account. Yahoo Games is ideal for all people who have free time and like to play, is a good way to hang out and distracted.

Yahoo Games

We have games to play instantly or download games without having an account at Yahoo Games. We have a wide variety of games including: Bejeweled, Text Twist, Bookworm, Zuma, Cubis, Dynomite, Jewel Quest and many more!
We have over 400 games for you to enjoy, and monthly update to add more games

  • Social Games
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Puzzle
  • Word
  • Skill
  • Download Software
  • Instant Play
  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer

Yahoo All Stars competition

Yahoo All Stars competition is a service where you can challenge players from around the world in one of our games. League games are: Pool, Chess, Canasta, Euchre, Bridge, Spades, Literati, Mah Jong Solitaire and many more. This service is free for the first fourteen days, since then the cost is $ 7.95 monthly, with many discounts for prepayment.


We offer many games, but more complete versions of our games can be downloaded for a fee. All All Star games, with special features, is also a subscription service. These services require a credit card for payment through Yahoo Wallet.

Because playing Yahoo Games

  • More than 400 games and always updated
  • Feedback to help them decide which games are best
  • Integrated with Yahoo Video Games
  • Great variety of games
  • Ability to add games to the subscription

Customer Care

If you have questions or problems, please contact our support team through email or live chat, our team is available and waiting for your question, ensuring a quick and favorable response.

Thanks for your interest in Yahoo Games

Jackpot Scratch

Jackpot Scratch

About Jackpot Scratch

Jackpot Scratch is where you find the best online games scratch card, many other casino games, and more fun! We offer a secure site where you can enjoy a variety of online gambling such as scratch cards, Love Match, Bingo and more Beatle. Besides being able to play your favorite casino games like video poker, slot machines and arcade games.

Free Roulette

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